7/15/2020 12:00:00 AM

Investor Relations Policy


This Investor Relations Policy sets out the principles and practices that are adopted in the course of the Company’s investor relations activities so as to enable shareholders and investment community to make informed investment decision.

This Policy is tailored to take cognizance of the market size and shareholders profile of the Company, and with an objective to build a long-term relationship with its shareholders and potential investors. 

The Board of Directors of Tuan Sing (the “Board”) has endorsed this policy and requires all Tuan Sing’s subsidiaries and business units to comply with it.  This policy is subject to regular review by the senior management and the Board to ensure its effectiveness.


1. The Company recognises the value of transparent, consistent and coherent communications with the investment community provided that they are in line with commercial confidentiality and regulatory ruling and practices.

2. The Company is committed to making timely and accurate disclosures in accordance with listing rules of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (“SGX-ST”), the Singapore Code of Corporate Governance 2012 and current best practices where applicable.

3. The Company reports its financial results and material developments to its shareholders and potential investors in an open and comprehensive manner.

4. All disclosures and announcements are submitted to the SGX-ST via SGXNET, and are available on the Company's Investor Relations website.

5. The Company observes a “blackout period” of two weeks prior to the announcement of the quarterly results, and one month prior to the announcement of the full-year results.  During the “blackout period”, the Company does not comment on industry outlook, business performance and financial results.

6. The Company provides a consistent level of disclosure on both positive and negative developments of the Company. 

7. The Company endeavours to meet with its shareholders at least once in each fiscal year to exchange view on major company’s major issues and to obtain feedback from them.

8. The Company gives reasonable access to analyst, brokerage firms, investment banks and the media to help them formulate informed opinions of the Company, but not seek to influence those opinions.

9. The Company communicates only through its designated Company Spokespersons.

10. The Company uses its website (Investor Relations section) as a primary channel for communication. 

11. The Company does not disclose sensitive information regarding development of sales, staff, and other aspects that may compromise its competitive position in the market.  The Company does not comment on share price movement or fluctuations in share trading volumes.


The Company does not respond on rumours or market speculation.  However, if rumours indicate that material information is deemed to have been leaked or they are in fact false or inaccurate, the rumours shall be promptly denied or clarified via announcements made on the SGX-ST via SGXNET to avoid unnecessary speculation. 


Unpublished material information shall not be selectively disclosed.  If such information is determined to have been disclosed unintentionally, it shall be immediately released to the SGX-ST via SGXNET. 


Forward-looking statements made in the Company’s written documents shall be identified and accompanied with meaningful cautionary language which warns the investment community that risks, uncertainties and other factors could cause actual results to differ materially from the expectations expressed in the forward-looking statement.


Only the Chairman, the CEO and the CFO are designated as the Company Spokespersons to respond to inquiries made to the Company by members of the investment community or the media. 

No individual employee other than the Company Spokespersons may communicate with members of the investment community or the media.  Employees shall channel all such inquiries to the Company Spokesperson(s).

The Company recognises the importance of shareholders privacy and will not disclose shareholders information without their consent unless it is required by law.


This policy is available on the Company’s corporate website.  Any questions or inquiries regarding this policy may be address to the investor relations link on the Company’s corporate website: