Our Vision

Creating a clear distinction.

Our Mission

Be a “Nucleus of Growth”, developing and strengthening core
businesses to create value for all stakeholders.

Our Corporate Profile

Tuan Sing Holdings Limited is a regional investment holding company with interests mainly in real estate investment, real estate development and hospitality.

Over the years, the Group has developed a portfolio of strategically located real estate assets in Singapore and across the region and has established a reputation for delivering high quality and iconic developments.

The Group also acquired strategic stakes in mixed development opportunities in the region. These include a 7.8% stake in Sanya Summer Real Estate Co., Ltd in Sanya, China, and a 2.26% stake in Goodwill Property Investment Limited in Bali, Indonesia.

 The Group also holds a 44.5% interest in printed circuit board manufacturer, Gul Technologies Singapore Pte. Ltd.


stake in Hypak Sdn. Bhd. (“Hypak”)


stake in Gul Technologies Singapore Pte Ltd (“GulTech”)


stake in Pan-West (Private) Limited (“Pan-West”)


stake in Sanya Summer Real Estate Co. Ltd (“SSRE”)


stake in Goodwill Property Investment Limited (“GPI”)


stake in Sanya Summer Real Estate Co. Ltd (“SSRE”)


stake in Goodwill Property Investment Limited (“GPI”)

Our Value Statement

Building value and targeting growth


Nothing but the best of our abilities


Effective communication and co-operation


Upholding honesty and morality


Embracing humility, care and hard work

Our business model seeks to create value for stakeholders in a sustainable way.

Our Business Strategy

Building on fundamentals and driving sustainable growth

  • Scale up and strengthen the “Tuan Sing” brand name
  • Create innovative products and develop architecturally inspiring projects
  • Focus on integrated mixed-use developments
  • Diversify property portfolio to achieve a balanced revenue profile and recurring income stream
  • Expand property business in the region in a capital efficient approach
  • Acquire or divest investments/properties in a disciplined manner
  • Obtain suitable financing options for projects and investments

Our Competitive Edge

Distinguishing ourselves with unique strengths
  • Proven track record and reputation associated with award-winning projects
  • Cordial relationships with architects, designers and international business partners
  • Demonstrated abilities to deliver unique and high-quality projects
  • Hotel properties offer strategic location and unique strength
  • Wide property portfolio range
  • Experienced and committed board of directors and management team