Our People

We depend on a team of outstanding personnel to ensure business continuity, and strive to provide a positive and inclusive environment for our employees to grow and develop in.

Building value for tomorrow

"I believe individuals and team culture play a significant role in the success of any organisation, and so it is very critical to find the right people, develop a healthy culture and recognise their contributions." 

– William Liem, CEO of Tuan Sing Holdings, in his 2016 interview with The Business Times

Multiple leaders, one vision

Tuan Sing’s board of directors and management team work closely to build strong communication channels across the organisation for the overall growth of the Group.


Experience matters

Collectively, our team offers several decades of expertise and knowledge in the areas of real estate investment, development, asset management, marketing, financial & capital management, and more.

Our directors and senior management work in tandem to provide clear and decisive leadership and guidance to the rest of the firm.