Cluny Park Residence

A prestigious residential development with freehold status situated adjacent to the Singapore Botanic Garden.

Designed by the renowned SCDA Architects and finalised in the year 2016, Cluny Park Residence proudly stands as the singular condominium gracing the illustrious Cluny Park Road. It holds a privileged position directly across from the esteemed Bukit Timah Gate, which serves as one of the main entrances to the lush and sprawling Singapore Botanic Gardens. This unique location not only presents an exceptional opportunity for residents to immerse themselves in the verdant beauty and tranquility of the gardens but also offers seamless connectivity.

Residents of Cluny Park Residence enjoy the remarkable convenience of easy access to the Botanic Gardens MRT station, allowing for effortless travel to various parts of Singapore. The juxtaposition of this luxurious development with the botanical splendor of the gardens creates an exceptional living experience, harmoniously blending urban sophistication with the serenity of nature


Completed and Fully Sold