Peak Residence

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Within the suburban Thomson district, Peak Residence is a crafted statement conceptualised through poetic narrative. The spirit of the design is to conceive a humane architecture rooted in a poetic embrace of nature, light, and space.

Situated on a charming peak with views of the valley beyond, it captures its exclusiveness from the panoramic view as a source of calming influence.

The architecture projects a discreet style of living. On the exterior, a quiet simplicity reigns with its pure geometry that is complemented by the graceful articulation of the façade. The building features sprawling glass curtain-walls to lighten the massing of the building and to open up the internal spaces to the outside by permitting porosity. The calibration of full-height windows enables the dispersion of ample daylight to invigorate the living spaces. The interiors are transient as it allows the gradual changes or mood of the day to mediate the living environment with the suburban surroundings.

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1BR, 2BR, 2BR+S, 3BR, 3BR+S, 4BR+S




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